fly fishing in Ireland

Fly Fishing for Trout in Ireland

a sheelin trout
Flyfishing for trout on Ireland's Lough Sheelin runs from the First of March right through to 12th. of October. The season is mainly divided into different hatches of fly; Duck Fly, Lake Olives, Mayfly, Green Peter, Murrough, and more. The hatches may be earlier or later depending on the temperature and the amount of rain.
The Duck Fly come for a few weeks in early April and are followed by the Lake Olives which continue into early May. The Olives are better fished on the sheltered bays and inlets.

Mid to late May and maybe the first week in June are the highlight of the season. This is when the Mayfly hatches and the trout come up to feed in great numbers.Characteristically, the the Mayfly happens about 2 weeks after the large western lakes of Corrib and Mask.   Monstrous trout are taken on the Dry Fly and even the Duffer can do well dapping the natural "May", though for some reason this is more a habit on the western lakes.
The Murrough Sedge occurs in late May and June. This large sedge can attract specimen trout, particurally late at night, and around the few islands. Bog bays (Sheelin !) and small islands are the best places and the fishing can continue until 2 A.M, provided temperatures remain high enough for the fly.

In late June and early July the fishing slows down as the trout gorge themselves on the Perch Fry, but fish can still be taken by fry imitations.

About the 3rd. week in July the trout come back up in numbers to the Green Peter, This hatch lasts for about 10 days and some very good fish can be caught.

The Dry Fly fisher who fishes Sheelin has a hatch which is almost unique to this lake. The bloodworm occurs in sheltered bays, anytime between early morning and dusk from about the 20th July until the end of August.

In September to October there are Lake Olives, Small Sedges, Buzzers, and Daddys fished with grasshoppers.
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