History & Gardens

The Cavan County Museum
The Museum holds a display of Cavan's Social and Natural History. It is advisable to visit in the morning, when one is feeling energetic, as one may stay much longer than anticipated.

The Abbey and The 7 Wonders of Fore.
Situated in the village of Fore are the ancient ruins of St. Feichins Monastery which date back to the 7th. Centuary A.D. On the hillside just above the old church of St. Feichin is the Anchorite's Church which was used by hermits until the 17th. Century. Patrick Beglan, the last hermit in Ireland lived there until 1616 and is commemorated on a stone tablet in the cell.

Fore Abbey represents the largest group of Benedictine remains in Ireland - closely associated to the monastery and St. Feichin are the Seven Wonders of Fore which include the water that flows Uphill, the Tree that won't burn, the Water that won't Boil, & the Monastery built in a Bog.

Tullynally Castle and Gardens
Situated 2 miles west of Tullynally Castle has been owned by the Earls of Longford since the Seventeenth Century. The large walled gardens were originally laid out in the Gothic style. Visitors are welcome for a small fee and there is a shop for mementos. The castle itself is closed during the month of August but the Gardens remain open.

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