Make a provisional booking, before booking your ferry or flight, and then Immediately  confirm booking!

The fishing lodge provides accommodation for 5 people.

The rate is for the lodge:-
Use of ab boat is NOT provided but can be sourced locally in advance.
It is necessary to bring one's own engine and lifejackets
Free use of towels and bedlinen.

Rates Per Week in Euro 2018 Season.

From The...
To The...
Will Cost... Euro
2nd. March 2018
31th. March 2018
375 Euro
31st. March 2018
28th. April 2018
395  Euro
28th.  April 2018
12th May 2018
12th. May 2018
17th June 2018
500  Euro
18th June 2016
26th.. August 2016
495  Euros
27th. August 2018
12th October 2018
400 Euro
Boat  and or engine or lifejackets


Please note that as all lettings are Saturday to Saturday, we regret that we are UNABLE to accept WEEKEND bookings.

Per Party - All enquiries and correspondence, and payments from 1 person with 1 email address!

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